Top Boy Season 4 Release Date And Who Is In The Cast?

The news of Dushane and Sully’s epic comeback was only enough to blaze the crowd with excitement.

The series is all set to make to the screens after a six-year-long break on Netflix, as confirmed by the executive producer Drake.

Here’s everything we know so far about the series future.

After Netflix confirming about the season 4 of Top Boy in February 2020.

Drake’s Instagram confirmation about the sequel also created a big ripple. The rapper oiled the wheel in bringing the show back to life.


The news confirmed about the cast are Dushane (played by Ashley Walters), Sully (Kane Robinson), this we also will be having a newcomer Jamie (Michael Ward) and
Shelley (Little Simz) will be reprising her role too. Although There’s no word yet about whether there will be an addition made to the series or not, if any, you will know..

Season 3 [Ending Explained]


Dushane is trying to take place in the drug market after his return to London. Set to resume his place in the drug market, he then joins hands with newly freed from jail Sully.
The new villain turns out to be Jamie. Dushane gets into a partnership with Jamie,
who ends behind the bar to protect his family and thus takes the false fall for the crime he never committed.

Sarah and Lee turns out to be undercover agents who were set to investigate Dushane,

Now the sequel will follow from this lead.

Release Date

Drake confirmed that the fourth sequel of Top Boy would drop in 2020. Well, we know that it’s already halfway to the year, so it is pretty evident that the fans are getting desperate.

This season might not be the end, after all, considering that Netflix being one very hesitant source to reveal anything about their content, so we’re yet to know what’s next.
Till then, stay tuned to pop- culture times for the latest updates.