The Order Season 3 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

The Road

The Order dropped on Netflix just recently in early March of 2019. The show follows Belgrave University student Jack Morton who joins a well known secret society- the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. Owing to him joining the society, Jack plunges into a world of magic, monsters, and other mythical and supernatural beings.

As Jack sets out to avenge his mother’s brutal and tragic death, he uncovers dark family secrets. He lands himself in a dangerous underground battle between werewolves and practitioners of dark magic. Assisting Jack in the fight is Alyssa, a tour guide at Belgrave and a fellow member of the Order, which is led by Jack’s estranged father.

When’s Battle Round Three?

The show is a classic favorite genre. Who doesn’t love fantasy? Witches, werewolves, monsters- it’s perhaps one of the most popular niches of the entertainment industry and is always in demand; it never gets old. The show has found immense popularity just like The Vampire Diaries and both of its spin-offs, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, and most other shows that fall under this genre have.

The second season of the show dropped just recently in late June of this year. So obviously, season three hasn’t been announced yet. We expect there to be the third season, though. Given that the show has such a large and devoted fan base. When exactly it will come is unclear and unpredictable due to the entire industry being forced into a sudden hiatus thanks to the coronavirus pandemic that continues to worsen.

Who’s Coming?

When (yes, we’re staying positive) the third season arrives, we’re expecting to see Jack Morton portrayed by Jake Manley. Vera Stone by Katharine Isabelle, Lilith Bathory by Devery Jacobs, Randall Carpio by Adam DiMarco. Nicole Birch by Anesha Bailey, Gabrielle Dupres by Louriza Tronco, Hamish Duke by Thomas Elms, and maaaaaaybe Alyssa portrayed by Sarah Grey, even if just for a moment.

When we get an update, you get an update, so stay tuned!

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