Gaming Rogue Lords Release Date & What About Gameplay?

Rogue Lords Release Date & What About Gameplay?

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Nacon is bringing the monstrous game Rogue Lords for worldwide gamers. The game already excited and made a place in the heart of players with its deadly storyline and gameplay. Leiker Studios and Cyanide Studios developed the game that will soon release on the screens.

Read on to get the latest details on the upcoming game.

Rogue Lords Release Date 

Publishers scheduled the game to drop in 2021. The official release date is not yet announced, but the game will fall somewhere in 2021.

The makers are excited for the release of the game as they said that the game includes crude humor, minimal blood, strong language, and mild violence that overall bring a great gaming experience like Slay The Spire and other modern RPG games.

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Rouge Lords will release for the given platforms; PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

Rogue Lords Gameplay And Storyline

Dark fantasy game Rogue Lords is a role-playing game where players have to build their team of the devils like Bloody Mary, Dracula, and Headless Horseman. Players have to upgrade the skills of their team and fight against the mortals who block their way. By crossing each level, gamers have to make the right choice to unlock new spells and souls so that they can achieve their goal.

Rogue Lords is based in the 17th Century of New England, in a Gothic period where humans and demons live together. Here players will act as the devil and fight against good and gods.


PlayStation’s official channel released a story trailer of the game on its platform. The trailer that deeply explains the happening and story that will unfold inside the game. You can watch its trailer here.

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