Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date & Who’s In Cast?

We have news for every anime fan: The Shield Hero’s Rising is back for another season. What could be more exciting than confirming the arrival of two seasons of our favorite TV show? The producers will confirm the second and third seasons I am looking forward to. Focus on reading Shield Heroes Riding to learn more about the second one from the upcoming season.

Shield Hero Season 2: Release Date

The Japanese animated series The Rising of Shield written by the hero Aneko Usagi. It is based on the Japanese light novel written for the web. By April 7, 2020, fifteen volumes of the novel had been published. Animated Adaptation is featured in the 2019 episode with 25 episodes. It was made by Kinma Citrus. We have two seasons now. We don’t know when the second season of the series will arrive. However, we hope to be released by the end of this season, 2020.

Shield Hero Season 2’s Rising: Cast


The faces we know in the new season can be seen on screen. Raptalia, Nou Fumi and Philo return with some new characters. You are shocked to see them now!

The Rising of Shield Hero Season 2: Plot and Storyline

It is the story of four young men who are taken to the parallel universe to become shield heroes. They fight “waves”, they are monsters, and they have special weapons. Others receive weapons such as bow, spears, and swords while carrying the Nofumi Legendary Shield. He is deceived when the only partner steals his goods and leaves him. He accused her of using her good. Soon, my family will be synced. But this does not stop him from working to save the world. The second season sees a new dangerous foe, anyone can watch.

Rising of Shield Hero has received praise from fans and critics with an 8/10 IMDb rating. It’s not controversial: The first episode exposed allegations of slavery and false rape, the movement of two of you growing up in the US Show producer Junichiro Tamura said the show never created controversy in Japan. He assured that if such problems arise in the country, the problems associated with employees will be taken and the necessary action taken.

Shield Hero Season 2’s Rising: Trailer

Unfortunately, we don’t have a trailer yet