Pigeon Simulator Release Date & What About Gameplay?

 The developer of this game is Bossa Studios Limited. Who had previously released two popular games such as Rag Doll and Goat Simulator?

The trailer for the game was released sometime in the year 2019 on YouTube. Which is still at present available there so do check it out.

Release Date

Pigeon Simulator is all set to release in the year 2021. However, as of now the exact date of its release has not been mentioned by the makers.

This could be because of the outbreak of the Global Pandemic, the deadly Coronavirus, which has caused almost all the business around the world to shut down.

But do not worry as soon as we do get any information about the details of the game or its release date. We will let you know guys immediately. So kindly stay tuned with us for more exciting news.

Apart, from all this, the makers did mention that the game when it is released. The makers will be releasing this game on Will several gaming platforms such as the Microsoft, PC and PS4.

What About Gameplay?

As of now, we do not have much information about the details about the gameplay of Pigeon Simulator

For all, we know that the concept of this upcoming game is kept quite simple. It is similar to the simulation animal simulation game.

In this game, the player will be given all the controls of a pigeon. Whose only aim is to trout and fly around the city. And cause as much as destruction they can.

This includes haranguing the citizens, destroying the property, causing chaos and flinging poop at anything and anywhere.

It is the ultimate mindless, nonsensical and mad game. Wherein, the player, is not supposed to make any strategies or combat any battles.

In this particular game, the players can relax and cause as much destruction as they wish to.

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