Is There Any Friends Reunion Season 11, Here Is What Matthew Perry Says About The Series

Source: Fortune

While celebrating its 25th anniversary, Friends just might return to the screens. Talks are ongoing with those in power at HBO Max, to launch this NBC, Warner Bros.TV Production on their channel.

As of now, only an unscripted reunion has been described, which would reunite all 6 of the characters along with the creators Martha and David Kauffman.

Unfortunately, though, no document has been signed upon yet, and agreements with the cast and the creative heads are yet to be confirmed and signed. Along with this lies the humongous task of orienting all their schedules to find a suitable time for the filming and other works related to the franchise.

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But by then, the hype over its release might fizzle out; thus, the show might lose its charm over the masses.

HBO Max and producers WBTV were unable for comments. With the onset of Friends on Netflix, rumors of a reunion began doing the rounds. The show has since then been outbid by Warner Media, going for a rate of over 100 million dollars. Netflix cut in close with the 80-100 million dollar mark.

As of now, only actress Jennifer Aniston has made references to a reunion. But she is quite vague about it by saying that they would all love to come back on the sets for something but that something seems to be indefinitely undecided.

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Recently with her joining Instagram and posting a picture with her costars made the likes rocket through the roofs just like how Courtney Cox’s selfie with Matthew Perry drove everyone crazy.


The Friends fandom eagerly awaits a reunion of their favorite characters on screen. And in Chandler Bing’s words, “Could we BE any happier?”.

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