Hunters Season 2 Release And Is It Confirmed?

Hunters Season 2

Amazon Prime Originals Hunters have generated a lot of roars amongst the public. This show basically shows all history, but with the exact twist, the fand need. The American television drama according to 1997, NYC, is inspired by a few Nazi hunters.

The storyline of the show focuses on a group of Nazi hunters who discovered that Nazi war criminals tried to create a Fourth Reich. The show premiered on February 21, 2020, on Amazon Prime, on the OTT stage.

Now the talk of the town is whether the show is going to get a season two. Read on to find out everything there is to know about the show and its renewal.

Quick Recap of Hunters Season 1:

The first season shows Ruth, grandma of the most important character of this story, murdered in the very first episode, by an unidentified murderer. A friend of Jonha informs him about the Nazis and how the U.S is filled with its agents. Jonha joins a key organization eager to distribute the infiltrator.

Reviews Received So Far

According to the show’s audience, the show is violent, warlike and flag-waving, which makes it one of its kind. It is also the main reason why the audience has been enjoying it that much. As stated by the audience, the series was and had them clutched to their screens for the content’s type is provided.

When Can We Expect Hunters Season 2?

Well, as of now, we cannot comment on the renewal status of the show.  Amazon is currently focusing on its other shows like Carnival Row and The Boys. Even Hanna got a season 2!

So, we can only sit back and wait for Amazon to renew the show for another season. However, with famous names like Logan Lerman and Al Pacino; Amazon Prime probably won’t let it go so quickly.

Hunters Season 2 Expected Cast: Who All Might Be There?

Hunters Season 2It seems that the majority of the cast members will reprise their roles if the series gets a thumbs up for season 2.

Most likely, Logan Lerman will return as Jonah Heidelbaum, with Al Pacino as Meyer Offerman. The other cast members include Lena Olin as The Colonel, Jerrika Hinton as Millie Morris, Saul Rubinek as Murray Markowitz and Carol Kane as Mindy Markowitz.

There are high chances Josh Radnor to be back as Lonny Flash, Greg Austin as Travis Leich and Tiffany Boone as Roxy Jones. Same can be said for Louis Ozawa in the role of Joe Mizushima, Kate Mulvany for Sister Harriet and Dylan Baker for Biff Simpson.