Hospital Playlist Season 2 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

 A South Korean television series, Hospital Playlist was initially released on 12th of March, 2020 till 28th of May, 2020 and has a total of 12 episodes. Directed by Shin Won-ho, the screenplay of Hospital Playlist is written by Lee Woo-Jung, and the duo has previously worked together on several tv drama series.

The drama series, Hospital Playlist is a second instalment to the Wise Life series, after Prison Playbook which had premiered in 2017-18. It is a wholesome drama with a neatly developed plot and heartwarming characters. It is a medical-drama, romance-comedy and follows the story of five doctors who have been friends since long and work at the same hospital.

As the series is in for a second round, all you need to know about the plot details, Cast and release date, it has been covered in this article. Keep reading.

Hospital Playlist Season 2: Cast

In the second season of Hospital Playlist, we will get to see Jo Jung-suk in the role of Lee Ik-Joon, Yoo Yeon-Seok will play Ahn Jung-won, Kim Dae-Myung will play Yang Seok-Hyung, Jung Kyung-ho will play Kim Joon-wan, and Jeon Mi-do will be seen as Chae Song-Hwa. These are the five primary characters of this series.

Hospital Playlist Season 2: Release Date

The second season of Hospital Playlist is set to air next year, in 2021. Premiering on Netflix, this original South Korean Drama series has been rated as the ninth- highest-rated Korean tv drama.

Hospital Playlist Season 2: Plot

Season one had ended with several cliff-hangers. Fans are shipping for Ik-jun and Song-Hwa, and we might get to see in season 2 if they get together. Ik-Jun has spent a lot of time to reckon with his feelings, and Song-Hwa outrightly rejects it. Ik-Jun leaves for Spain, and we wish that when he is back things will better for both of them.