Detective Pikachu 2 What Is Release Date? And More

Detective Pikachu

At this point, there is nobody in the world who has not been a fan of Pokemon at least once in his life. The popularity that the anime has been enjoying has translated into many movies onscreen with the recent and the most successful one being Detective Pikachu.

Directed by Rob Letterman, the live-action movie has been a hit in the theaters. Everyone who has seen the film can’t deny falling in love with the Pokemon universe all over again. And if you thought that was the last of the series, you are going to be stand corrected.

This time we can hope some new pokemon characters will appear in Detective Pokemon 2.

When is Detective Pikachu 2 Releasing?

Discussion about a possible sequel began immediately after the release of the first film. The success of Detective Pikachu exhibited the enthusiasm of the fans about the film. With the creators showing interest in continuing the story for a couple more movies.

Rumours were beginning to surface about the film starting its shoot for the sequel earlier this year, until the pandemic. Following which the producers had to delay start filming. At this rate, filming might begin later this year with a possible release scheduled to be sometime in 2021.

What will be the Cast for Detective Pikachu 2?

Detective Pikachu

The creators have promised that the next film will look to explore the universe set in the first movie. That would point in us meeting several new characters and Pokemon. While the new arrivals to the cast remains a mystery, several familiar faces will be returning.

The list begins with Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith, returning as the father-son duo. Joining them shall be Kathryn Newton and Ken Watanabe as Lucy and Detective Yoshida.

What is the Story for Detective Pikachu 2?

Right now, there is not much information out there about the sequel. However, it seems that in this film, Pikachu will have to stick with its adorable “Pika, Pika” dialogue. With Harry now returning to his original form, Pikachu would return to its normalcy as well.

The sequel might be set this time in Ryme City. With the father and son duo setting their sights on more adventures and exploring the unique fauna of their world.

Is Trailer Out?

No, Trailer is not out yet. As we know that the release of the movie can happen in 2021, so we can not expect Trailer of the movie soon.