Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date, Cast And How Is Steve Alive?

Source: Revenge of The Fans

The news is already out. Wonder Woman 1984 is coming to the theaters very soon. The very retro vibed movie is coming back with Wonder Woman’s love interest, Steve Trevor, who died in the main movie, which was released back in 2017. As one of the world’s most iconic superheroes, it’s hard to believe how long it took for Wonder Woman to star in her very own blockbuster movie.

Her love though, who died in the first movie, is somehow resurrected and alive as never before. He is back with the Wonder Woman, in a backdrop set in the 80s. Still, we don’t know- how!

The main villains of the movie are Cheetah, who was once a friend of Diana. Unlike her, he unknowingly turns bad like any other villain.

When Is Wonder Woman 1984 Going To Hit The Theaters?

Gal Gadot, as Wonder Woman debuted back in 2017. And somehow saved the falling DC world. Sequal to that is now all set to amaze us yet again. The expected release date for the sequel is 5th June 2020. It’s going to be the second DC movie in 2020 after birds of prey.

Who All Are Going To Be There In The Cast?

Will it really be Wonder Woman if not with Gal Gadot? The DC fans will always want her as the ever immortal Wonder Woman, aka Diana. At the end of the first movie, it was revealed that she is the daughter of Zeus. This technically means that she too is immortal. Actor Pedro Pascal plays max Lord. The villainvBarbara Minerva, a.k.a. Cheetah will be played by actor Kristin Wiig.

How Is Diana’s Love Steve Trevor back?

As per our knowledge, and from what was shown in the first movie, Steve Trevor died in the previous movie in order to save the world. We even see Diana sad and mourning for the loss. But, there is a definite catch to this story.

We never saw the Trevor actually dead or his remains after his death. So, one of the plausible storyline mysteries could be that Steve is brought back to life by Max or Cheetah in order to take revenge from Diana. Another would be that Steve might have gone into a realm where he didn’t age. Or that he is just a kind of illusion formed by Max and Cheetah. Who knows, we can only wait for the movie to satiate our curiosity over this.