Will Netflix’s Teen Drama Green House Academy Return With Season 5?

The last few years have seen a steady rise in popular teen dramas. Netflix has not been far behind the curve either. Their 2017 drama series Green House Academy is an excellent example of that trend.

Fans will be disappointed that their favourite Teen Drama Green House Academy is not returning with season five because Netflix has cancelled this series with season 4.

Created by Chamizer and Paula Yoo, the show is based on an Israeli series. Already in its fourth season, the show has enjoyed a brilliant stint on air. And it appears that the show is going nowhere just yet.

What is Renewal Status for Season 5?

Greenhouse Academy season 5: Everything you need to know

It is very much disappointing that this show is not returning for another season. Netflix has officially cancelled the show.

Who were in the cast?

Many stars featured in the show, and we have plenty of names which fans wanted to see on TV screens. Ariel Mortman, Finn Roberts, Chris O’Neal, Dallas Hart, Cinthya Carmona and there are many names which can not be mentioned here.

Fans are very much disappointed because they will not be able to see these characters once again over TV screens.

How was the Storyline?

One thing we know for sure that boarding school is no ordinary place. And years of obstacles, our protagonists faced their most significant adversity last season. The students did manage to ward off the organization from releasing the deadly virus. But that was not the end of the matters.

Jason Osmond led the organization. And we already know that his alter-ego has been harrowing our heroes for long. So look out to know more about the mystery of their identities. While at the same time, prepare for a new obstacle for the students to face.

Did Green House Academy require another season?

If you are a fan of this teen drama, then your answer must be yes. But honestly, this show required another season because it left many questions unanswered, there are many stories which never came to an end.

Creator of the show Giora Chamizer wanted to continue the show with another season, but it made her unhappy, how this show is cancelled.

What Else?

This teen drama was originally based on Giora Chamizer’s Ha-Hamama. Fans gave there love to this show, but this show ended with many unanswered questions. It has ended with 40 episodes, another season could have answered all the questions.