Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 When Is Releasing Date? & More

Even it comes to choosing the most popular “Mystery Documentary Series,” there is no doubt that list will not include Unsolved Mysteries series! With making a massive hit in its first now, the series is set for the release of its second new volume; Yes, Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 is coming on screens! If you are excited, make sure checkout as here we have brought the latest updates on releasing date, and what’s more, you should know about Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2.

When Is The Releasing Date?

When Does Netflix's 'Unsolved Mysteries' Volume 2 Drop?

Previously, there were lots of arguments and opinions being raised about the show. The majority of them were about the releasing date for Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2, which said that the movie would be arriving in October or to the end of December.

Although due to coronavirus pandemic the everyone had mixed opinions according to a report from Variety reportedly, it found that there is a ghost in the next batch of cases which is said to arrive in October “Possibilities Are On Halloween.”

However, if you ask us about the releasing date for the movie, as per us the release date for the new volume of the series will be released in December.

Also, if you ask us why December? Then, we also have the answer, which is “Time For The Production” we are only five months after the release of the first volume which came with six episodes in total; So, it’s quite natural that the show could take a bit more time for the completion of the production and release.

However, we will be updating you as soon as things get confirmed! Until that, stay tuned to our site, PopCultureTimes.com, to get more updates in the future.

What’s More About The Show

As of now, we know that the movie is happening! But there are a lot more things we should know about the show.


Starting with the cast, as per sources, the show is said to include the majority of the cast from the previous installment.

Also, there are chances that we might get to see some NEW FACES to appear for the show as well.


Getting to the storyline, it’s been confirmed that the show will be based on TRUE CRIME MYSTERIES like disappearances and murders.

Also, it’s been confirmed that the new volume for the series will be a REBOOTED VERSION of the first volume of the series; Also, the original size of the series will be focussing more on SUPERNATURAL INCIDENTS.

However, if you love watching Mystery based series, then, yes watching Unsolved Mysteries will be the right choice for you, do watch it soon.