The Underground Railroad Season 1 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

The Underground Railroad is an upcoming American historical fiction drama television series. It depicts the historical stances in a better way. The Underground Railroad, in reality, a network of abolitionists, hidden routes, and safe houses. Those resources helped runaway slaves escape to freedom in the early to mid-1800s. It is an actual railroad complete with engineers, conductors, tracks, and tunnels.

The historical drama creates awareness among the audience. It tells muted stories. The audience around the globe is eager to witness the reality in alternate time dimensions. To know the intricate details about the same follow this article.

What can be the release date?

The creators are not very keen to announce the release date as of now. But we can predict something. Most probably the TV series will come up sometime soon during the end months of this year. We should also note that there can be further delay in the release date due to the worldwide pandemic situation.

The latest series will release officially sometime soon. We are very sure that this TV show will mesmerize a large number of audiences around the globe.

What can be the Cast?

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Not much is made official as of now. Some of the probable faces that we might witness are as follows:

  • Chase W. Dillon as Homer
  • Aaron Pierre as Caesar
  • Joel Edgerton as Ridgeway
  • Thuso Mbedu as Cora
  • Damon Herriman as Martin
  • William Jackson Harper as Royal
  • Amber Gray as Gloria Valentine
  • Jim Klock as Tom Hardman
  • Lily Rabe as Ethel Wells

To know more about the latest developments stay tuned with us for the updates.