Strike The Blood Season 4 When Will This Season End? And Is There Any Possibility For New Season?

Strike the Blood is an action anime series, which is based on the name of the novel of the same name. The book is written by Gakuto Mikumo and was published in 2011. With the popularity of these series of stories, the Strike of Blood was first adapted into TV series in 2013. The show became an instant hit right after release and similar to the next two appearances in the series. Now fans are waiting for the new season, and here are all the updates on the fourth season.

Strike The Blood Season 4: Release Date?

Season 4 arrived on 8 April 2020, but there is no official information on the end of the show yet or when the fifth season will arrive as there is an outbreak of pandemic all over the world. There is no information on the new season as of now by the makers of the show.

Strike The Blood Season 4: Cast?


There are three significant characters in the show. Those are Kojou Akatsuki, who is the main male protagonist of the show, Yukina Himeragi, who is the main female protagonist of the show and Asagi Aiba, who is the third and final main character in the show, Asagi is a computer-savvy classmate of Kojou who works as a part-time computer programmer.

Strike The Blood Season 4: Plot?

The show is set on a fictional island in the south of Japan named Itogami island. The story is about a boy named Kojou, who is an ordinary school student, but his life takes a turn after he gets vampire powers. Also, he gets to know he is the fourth progenitor, who is the most powerful of the species. After which the other three progenitors send Yukina to monitor him and kill if required. But later they both become friends and the story follows from there.

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