Sky Castle Season 2 What Is Status Of Renewal? And All Updates

The first season of SKY castle came out in the year 2018 and became a huge hit instantly. The show is Korean drama but has followers from all over the world. Almost after season 1, fans are waiting eagerly for a second season. SKY castle is a show by JTBC.  

The Cast of Sky Castle season 2

we expect a lot of actors who were a part of the first season to be a part of season 2 as well. it includes:

  • Yum Jung-Ah as Han Seo-Jin
  • Jung Joon- ho as Kang Joon-sang
  • Kim Hye- Yoon as Kang Ye-Seo
  • Lee Ji- Won as Kang Ye- Bin
  • Lee Tae- Ran as Lee Soo-Im
  • Choi Won-Young as Hwang Chi-Young
  • Kang Chan- Hee as Hwang Woo- Joo
  • Kim Byung- Chul as Cha Min-Hyuk
  • Park Yoo- Na as Cha Se- Ri
  • Kim Dong- Hee as Cha Seo- Joon
  • Joe Byeong- Gyu as Cha Ki- Joon
  • Oh Na- Ra as Jin Jin- Hee
  • Jo Jae- Yun as Woo Yang- Woo

There are several supporting actors other than the ones mentioned above.

Synopsis Of The show

There is a neighbourhood by the name SKY castle where four women live. The story of the show revolves around these four women and their lives. The women are trying to support their husbands as much as they can and treat their children royally. 

Han Seo-Jin has a happy marriage to Kang Joon- Sang who is an orthopaedic surgeon. The couple has two daughters, and Han’s life could not be better. But over the years she has kept a secret which is not a pleasant one.

Lee Soo- Im has a son and is married to Hwang Chi-Young, a neurosurgeon. She is a writer and mainly writes books for children. Lee is a sensitive woman and is filled with empathy for people.

No Seung-hye’s husband, Cha Min-hyuk, is a lawyer and shows himself as a man with justice and principles. But he has an extreme male ego, which conflicts with what he says. Jin Jin- Hee is married to an orthopaedic surgeon and comes from a wealthy business family.

In the second season, we would like to see what turns the lives of these four women are going to take. 

Renewal Status

No official announcements about the release date of season 2 are out, although we hope the new season will be out by 2021 if it gets renewed.

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