Santa Clarita Diet Why Netflix Cancelled Season 4?

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4

Santa Clara Diet is an American horror-comedy series on Netflix. A story of a couple Sheila and Joel Hammond, where Sheila turns into a zombie after consuming a few pieces of clams and begins killing people for survival. It sounds dreadful, but it’s more comedy than horror. 

They canceled the show after its three seasons as it didn’t make as much money as expected, but since the twitter attempt by fans to save the show, it will now have yet another season. 

Thanks to the fans, Twitter and Netflix, we can enjoy the crazy adventures of Joel and Sheila again. But when? We must be more patient to find out about it. 

Is Santa Clara Diet Season 4 Returning?

Well, now that we know the series is not coming back for season 4, we have a lot of questions we want answers to. 

Is Joel a Zombie too? Is Mr Ball Legs in possession of Joel’s body? Is Mr Ball Legs a friend or a foe? Is Mr Ball Legs supposed to be sinister, or what is their purpose? Will we see any daunting presence of Gray, will he cause trouble? How do the undead go feral, why did it take Sheila longer to turn wild than any other?

Who’s the mastermind behind Poplovic’s master plan? Will Joel protect Sheila from the Knights of Siberia? What will happen of Eric and Abby, will they manage a perfect balance in their school life while protecting Santa Clarita, keeping Sheilas secret and their romance? What is in store for the future of Hammond Realty? Where did Anne go, will we see her again? Is she on a religious quest after dealing with so much, or is she in alliance with Popovic and his me? 

Coming down to the critical question, will there be a cure for Sheila?

What did we want to see?

With season 3 ending came a lot of twists and turns, and what could season 4 serve us? 

There sure is a lot to go with the story of Mr Ball Legs crawling into Joel’s brain through his ears and (killing him??) Maybe Sheila would turn him into a Zombie to save him. It will sure be interesting to see how Joel would be as a Zombie since he’s previously disregarded his ability or interest in killing people.

Why Netflix cancelled the show?

According to Netflix’s head of original content, “When we’re investing, we decide how much to invest based on the audience that will show up. If the audience doesn’t show up, we think about the reason to continue to invest in something that doesn’t do as well as we had hoped.”

It clearly says that this show did not get good amount of audience.