Monster Musume Season 2 What Answers You Might Get This Time? And What We Can Expect About Storyline?


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It’s been four and a half years since the first season of Monster Musume. And due to the wide fan following of the manga, fans are eagerly waiting

We know it’s delayed because of the author, known as Okayado. He has health issues, so the manga has been paused for four months.

At some point, it appears in the anime: A sign reading “Niki Kettei,” literally means “decision of the second phase.” This guarantees the premiere of the future season.

We don’t know when the manga will be rereleased since it was paused once for a year and a half, and we don’t know when exactly the second season will be released.

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The first was adjusted until Chapter 25 of the manga, while the OVA was fixed on the 17th and 26th. The manga currently has 63 chapters.

Monster Musume Season 2: Confirmed? New Volume Releases Soon!

The novel for the show

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Remember that Yoshino is responsible for the writing of the novels. At the same time, Z-Ton participates in the illustrations and is part of the anthology entitled “Monster Musume no Iru Nichijō: Anthology 4-Koma”. The series also has six volumes, the last of which was published by Shueisha on July 25 and is expected to be released on November 22.

Summary of the show

In the city of Lindworm, where monsters and people live together, there is Dr Glenn with his assistant Sapphire, a Lamia, an exemplary monster clinic. Whether it is a centaur who has been wounded through a marriage proposal, a wounded mermaid or sewing a golem’s sensitive wounds, Dr Glenn does his job with grace and confidence. But if an evil character tries to steal a harpy egg, how will Dr React to Glenn without being discouraged.

Release Date for season 2

There are no official announcements for the premiere of season 2 of Monster Musume. But we hope that the animated series releases by the end of this year or early 2021.

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