Love On The Spectrum When Will Season 2 Stream?

Love on the spectrum is the first reality dating show which follows the dating lives of nine young people on the autism spectrum.

The show isn’t scripted like most of the shows we get to see nowadays as the relationships are pre-existing and what we as viewers get to experience is their experiences.

“The goal was to show that people on the spectrum¬†do want to find love and have relationships, and bust myths, and also just to help audiences understand more about autism by introducing them to a large group of real people,” creator Cian O’Clery said.

Love On The Spectrum Season 2 

The first season of the show premiered in Australia in November 2019 and was well received by the critics as well as the audience.

As per the great reviews, the show was already renewed and the applications for the second season’s cast were opened in June. So we might be getting the show sometime in October or November, hopefully, or latest by 2021 for sure.

Love On The Spectrum Season 2 Cast

The season one’s cast would not be returning for the second season.
The show doesn’t have an outside casting company as they, themselves, search for whom they want to cast from the autism organizations, psychologists and other groups.

This show is an excellent initiative for the people on and off the spectrum as everybody would learn one thing or another about them. Let’s see how much more we’ll have to wait, but it’s expected to come sometime in 2021.