Life Below Zero Season 15 What Is Release Date And More

Life Below Zero is a documentary television series featured on National Geographic. The series showcases the daily and seasonal activities of subsistence hunters while living in remote areas of Alaska. Produced by BBC Worldwide, the series won the Primetime Emmy Award for Best Cinematography for Reality Programs.

Travis Shakespeare, Brad Carper, Kevin Tao Moss and Rob Pollard are the executive producers of the series. It follows and applies daily life to rank and file life under zero conditions. These Alaskans – actually the true superheroes – work hard, they hunt and rely on their skills and abilities to survive in the coldest jungle in the wild.

How’re Ratings of the Show?

National Geographic's Life Below Zero Returning For A New Season ...

The series ran over twelve big seasons, capturing everyone’s minds and hearts. It has a good 8/10 rating on IMDb and a 94% rating from Google users. Life Below Zero, a true survival series, has a large fan base in the near future.

When is Life Below Zero Season 15 Release Date?

Life Below Zero Season 15 will be released in Late 2020 on National Geographic.

What does Life Below Zero Season 15 trailer?

The trailer for Season 15 is still waiting. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a preview of the entire series here –

What is Life Belo Zero Season 15 plot?

The series depicts people living in remote areas of Alaska and their daily struggles with temperatures below zero degrees. They describe the various ways of doing daily chores, hunting for food, and surviving. They use their naked resources and fight against death every day.

The show takes a closer look at the fight against the bear and the cold in a less densely populated state in the United States. They collect the materials needed to complete both their ends, protect them, and set up the lamps to light their lamps.

Hunters prepare for the harsh Alaskan winter and avoid hunting in the wild. They help us to show how difficult each moment of life is, however, it is worth living.

Challenge work was also provided to the support staff in the series. They are forced to move with heavy cameras and equipment for great shots at the same time with the main actors in deep snow.

The hunters of the show are not given the task of living alone. They need help to keep their families alive, raise children and protect them from potential dangers, but at the same time teach them how to live life on their own terms.