Indiana Jones 5 Release Date, Cast And Has Spielberg Left?

Indiana Jones 5

Indiana Jones 5 is a long-awaited addition to the year’s old franchise. It has been over a decade since the last  Indiana Jones movie ‘Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ release. The fourth film did not rise to a rousing success. Despite this, even after a decade has passed, Indiana Jones is all set for a comeback. However, no one knows when this comeback will be. The fans desperately await any update regarding the film. So here’s every update served to you on a platter.

Indiana Jones 5 Release Date: How Longer Do We Wait?

Longtime Indiana Jones writer George Lucas, director Steven Spielberg and star Harrison Ford had all spoken about joining up for a fifth film. The filmmakers confirmed the making of Indiana Jones 5 way back in 2016.

Yes, it sure is a long time ago now. Then, the movie’s release was changed and was set for July 2019, and yes again, that time is long gone too. And as is visible, we still have not gotten our film.

Indiana Jones 5 was then, once again, pushed to July 10, 2020, but boohoo, still not the final date. The dates were yet again moved ahead to July 2021, and guess what? This is definitely not when we will see the movie either.

No, we did not tease you with all that to leave you high and dry, the final date of release, as of today, is confirmed to be July 29, 2022. (But don’t mark your calendars yet, because who knows, right?)

Indiana Jones 5 Cast: Who Will Be There This Time?

What we know for sure at this point regarding Indiana Jones 5, is that Harrison Ford will certainly return as Indiana Jones. There is just nobody else whom we can picture as of now.

Many other actors have shown their desire to be in the Indiana Jones 5, like John Rhys Davies and Jim Broadbent, but there is no absolute confirmation regarding any of the remaining cast yet.

Indiana Jones 5 Director: Where Did Spielberg Go?

Initially and originally, the fifth instalment of Indiana Jones was to be helmed by our Indy director Steven Spielberg. He was set to join Harrison Ford.

Unfortunately,  Spielberg has departed the project. News is that he will continue being a part of the film but only as a producer. He won’t be directing it anymore. In his place, we will probably see Logan director James Mangold. Although there was a poor reception for Crystal Skull, screenwriter David Koepp will once again pen the new film.