If the Weather is Nice, I Will Come Find You Season 2 Release Date, And More

Korea has rekindled the mourns of lockdown caused due to boredom by installing the most romantic heartwarming South Korean series titled If the Weather Is Good, I’ll Find You. The series is directed by Han Ji Seung and screen written by Han Ga Ram. The series revolves around the aromas of friendship, family, melodrama, Romance, and well lie! The little drops of each of the above-mentioned terms make the series want to be watched more and for longer in a stretch.

In the series, there is an ordinary lady with a great character named Hae Won. She has played the cello since she was a youngster. Hae Won started her public activity with her capacity to play the cello at the same time, during that time, she was harmed sincerely by others. Because of that, Hae Won doesn’t believe individuals and she has shut her heart to other people. Hae Won gets weary of her life in Seoul and chooses to move back to her old neighbourhood Bookhyun Village. There, Hae Won meets Eun Seob who runs a bookshop named “Goodnight Bookstore.” Eun Seob’s day by day life is straightforward; wake up, drink espresso, read a book, and compose on his blog. Be that as it may, Eun Seob’s everyday life starts to change after he meets Hae Won.

If the Weather Is Nice Season 2: About

Season 1 was aired on Feb 24, 2020 ongoing till April 21, 2020. The episodes were premiered on Mondays and Tuesdays over jTBC Viki with a duration of 60 minutes each. The series has been up on the folds of teenagers who are finding their own little story of love within the plot.

If the Weather Is Nice, I Will Come Find You season 2 is all about healing, love and forgiveness.

If the Weather Is Nice Season 2: plot

The story is about two different functional human beings Hae Won and Eun Seob. Eun Seob owns a bookstore named “Goodnight Bookstore”, quite ironic, while Hae Won is a well-recognised cello player. While Eun Seob has a simple routined life, none of worries and anxieties, Hae Won has been through hell and back. The series bridges the gap between the two worlds forming a beautiful road of love and compassion! The series has adapted its storyline from a novel by Lee Do Woo Yi. 

If the Weather Is Nice Season 2: Release Date


If there has to be a season two, it will only strive to make the bond stronger even with the midway crisis they might face. It can take some time for the series to launch its next season. We may count in the year 2022.