Hyena Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Trailer

The creamy layer seems to get a special whip while down below, the spoon just ruthlessly stirs around.
Hyena puts forth the class discrimination operating two lawyers to take cases only from the elite class, summing up to 1% of the society.

Hyena series directed by Tae You Chang and written by Kim Roo-Ri, this series has 16 episodes.

Funny how the show name is Hyena, an animal, which is being referred to the animalistic metaphorical fight the two elite family fights against each other through the lawyers who decide to rip the other with illegal means.

Hyena Season 2: Cast 


The series is directed by Jang Tae and written by Kim Roo Ri.

  • Kim Hye-soo cast as Jung Geum-ja (lead actor).
  • Ju Ji-hoon cast as Yoon Jae-hee (lead actor).

Here is the cast list who plays a significant role in the series:

  • Lee Kyung-young cast as Song Pil-jung
  • Kim Ho-Jung cast as Kim Min-Joo
  • Song Young Kyu as Ma Suk Goo
  • Jun Suk Ho as Ga Ki Hyuk
  • Hyun Bong Shik as Kim Chang Wook

Hyena Season 2: Release Date

According to reports by Nielsen Korea, the debut scenes of ‘Hyena’ accumulated normal across the country evaluations of 7.7 percent and 10.3 percent for its two sections. The numbers expanded with its ensuing scenes. The penultimate scenes saw the figures arriving at 9.5% and 11.3% individually. We can’t state that the numbers have broken records yet they are better than average enough for the show to be considered as successful show. 

The ratings and popularity leave a trail of doubt about the show anticipating a season 2. The second season could continue the dirty fight between the lawyers while outside the court they are actually a couple. Following the trend, Hyenas season 2 can also be announced around the next year, i.e. February 2021.

Hyena Season 2: Plot

Hyena series is about deals with very ambitious, private lawyers who work for the wealthiest 1% of society. While Yoon Hi Jae is a very egoistic, self-centred human being, lifting his collars exposing his dollars to the world out there, Jung Geum Ja is a fearless and desperate struggling lawyer who takes the opposition down winning the battle of ego. Hee Jee, who was a tip to toe clean and shiny, is now stained by the attacks of Geum Ja. She is seen changing his story altogether!

The Series is all about Drama and Romance.

Hyena Season 2: Trailer

Since there is nothing that began for the 2nd season, we can not anticipate a trailer or any teaser for certain months. Additionally, we need to hang tight for quite a while to declare them for the 2nd season.

Here is the trailer for 1st season: