Hotel del Luna Season 2 Release Date And Cast

Choong-Hwan’s spooky south Korean Drama rounds up for season two after successfully delivering season 1 before the viewers with a total of 16 episodes. It was initially released on July 13, 2019, airing on tvN The script is written by Hong sisters and is the 25th rated Korean Drama in cable TV history.

What Is The Mystery Of Hotel Del Luna?

While Hotel Del Luna has the clienteles who are ghosts in reality, who don’t seem real during the day, the hotel is only available to the human beings on Lunar Eclipse. Jang Man wol is stuck with serving food and other things to the dead bodies waiting to be reincarnated. 

After being brainwashed by Mago (Yi-suk Seo), she meets Gu Chan-sung’s father and convinces him to train his son and send him back to be the manager of the hotel. The deal happens according to the above-said terms. Later the hotel’s dark sides and supernatural elements are well revealed through the new manager Gu Chan-sung.

Hotel Del Luna Cast?

The titular casts that will continue to star in season two are as follows:

  • Lee Ji-eun as Jang Man-wol
  • Kim Gyu-Ri as young Man-wol
  • Yeo Jin-goo as Gu Chan-sung
  • Kim Kang-hoon as young Chan-sung

Will There Be A Season 2?

As far as the doubts regarding there being a season 2, it is believed that there will be no season following the series. The creators haven’t spoken about another season as of now. The series ended with the episode 16 of season 1.

At the end of the season, it concludes with hinting a story for the next season with a brand new cast.

Currently, there is no renewal for another season, and Hong sisters have confirmed that the first season was the conclusion of the story.

As it hit worldwide and fans are requesting for another season so we may have a possibility. As soon as there are any updates, we will be the first ones to inform you.

Regarding the ending of season 1, Hong Jung Eun said “Hotel Del Luna is the place for the dead and aims at being a space for them to take a rest and then sending them off. … However, the two scriptwriters did not consider this as a “sad ending”. Scriptwriter Hong Mi Ran commented, “I think this is a happy ending for our story.

As intense as the ending sounds, the series may not step out of the eeriness created by the ending. To get the feel, join Hotel Del Luna on tvN!