Hitman III Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer And Everything

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Are you waiting for the release of Hitman III? Here we have brought some new updates regarding the upcoming new and third game for Hitman; Also, we will cover topics like release date, gameplay, storyline, and all the latest updates for Hitman III.

Hitman III Release Date

After making a massive hit with its previous and the second game for the series! Now, the developers have confirmed the arrival of the sequel to the second season, Hitam III.

Sadly, we don’t have any confirmed reports regarding the release date for Hitman III yet! But, if we go along with sources, it’s been speculated that we will see the game to arrive somewhere in January of 2021.

Where will Hitman III get launch?

According to Screenrant Hitman III will get launch over various consoles. It will launch over PS5, Xbox series X, and PC as well as Xbox One and PS4.

Gameplay Of Hitman III

According to sources, the gameplay for Hitman will come with significant alterations as there were many such complaints from the gamers who played the first two games from Himan.

Also, there have been sources, saying that these gamers will also get new vehicles based missions as well! So, we can expect some new mission approaches to be introduced in this game.

Then, third party sources claim that the game will be coming with more locations as compared to its previous game; also, it’s been speculated to go with the support for PS5 out of the box.

The storyline of Hitman III

The storyline for Hitman III is expected to pick up from the end of its previous season; So, we saw Agent 47 has now developed an enmity with a lot of people.

When we think about Agent 47’s rival, the first name that the majority of the Hitman fans will think about is Diana.

So, we can expect to see a conflict between Agent 47 and Diana! As of now, that’s all we know about this game; We will be updating you soon.

Is Trailer Out?

Yes, The Trailer is Out.

As the trailer starts, you will see a beautiful location in Dubai. Then the entry of our favourite Agent 47 can make you scream as he is looking badass in the trailer. This game is going to be amazing, for sure.

A world of the assassin is waiting for you and the tagline of game, Death Awaits can assure us that this time Agent 47 will go brutal.

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