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Hi, Bye Mama Season 2 Release Date And Who Is In The Cast?


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Hi, Bye Mama is one of a kind show that measures the weirdness of the happenings, revolving around supernatural elements divulging within the return of the dead mother. The latter, after being gone, took a 49-day reincarnation project to make a comeback to her family as a human.

The series dwells with comedy other than eeriness, which features as a great duo in-front of the viewers. Kim Tae Hee’s return gets the fan list doubled up, increasing the popularity and viewers.
This Netflix show talks about Cha Yu-Ri, who returns as the lawful but reincarnated wife and finds out that Cho Gang-Hwa is already remarried to Oh Min-jung. With the immense popularity it received in season 1, Hi Bye Mama is back with a season 2 it seems.

When Will Hi, Bye Mama Season 2 Premiere?

As per the release dates, there will be none. The cast has already claimed the series to stick to one season. There’s no more to bring forth merry. However, the storyline and the reception of the series does give it a capacity to stretch its franchise. If there is to be another season, it might as well look up to 2022.

, Hi, Bye Mama Season 2 Release Date And Who Is In The Cast?


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Star Lee Kyu Hyung talks about the production that took place and how all the cast members are happy to present the show to the viewers. Amidst this pandemic, season two does not seem plausible, but we can hope for the show’s return.

Once the global pandemic is over, maybe the showrunners are going to give the audience an official word about the future of the show.

Hi, Bye Mama Season 2: Cast

Even though the show is not getting a renewal right now, we need to mention the three prominent cast members are featuring as the titular characters:

  • Kim Tae-hee as Cha Yu-ri
  • Lee Kyu-Hyung as Cho Gang-Hwa
  • Go Bo-Gyeol as Oh Min-jung.
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