TV Shows Everything's Gonna Be Okay Season 2 Release Date & Who's In Cast?

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Season 2 Release Date & Who’s In Cast?


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It’s recommended to lighten your heart when you ever feel a heavy heart. To achieve this, you don’t need a doc to do the task, and you can also rely on a feel-good show.

There are many shows that give you a high in your low time with entertaining you. If I were to pick one show which lightens your heart, I would instead pick Everything’s gonna be okay.

Everything’s gonna be okay is an American comedy TV series created by Josh Thomas, an Australian comedian. The first season of this show aired in January this year and has got a high fan satisfaction.

Ever since the release of the season 1, the fans are waiting anxiously for the season 2. However, it’s very early for anything, but anxiety can’t remain, right?

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Here are all the details of season 2 of the show and we will find out whether it will be remade or not.

Let’s dive in for the details of the show.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay: Release Date

It’s common for an average viewer to expect a sequel for a highly successful show. This is what had happened in the case of Everything’s gonna be okay. The makers have confirmed the renewal of the show.

They made an announcement in this regards in May this year. We may expect the season 2 to air somewhere in 2021. It seems there is no effect of Novel COVID19 on the release of this show. But makers of this show haven’t yet announced its official release date.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay: Plot

The plot basically revolves around a 25-year old Australian Nicholas. He gets to know that his family is terminally ill when he meets his father and two sisters Genevieve and Matilda living in LA. Then he had to become caretaker of his half-sisters.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay: Cast

, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Season 2 Release Date & Who’s In Cast?


The cast of the season 1 is going to return for the season 2. The cast list goes here:


  • Josh Thomas as Nicholas, a compulsive, gay Australian entomologist in his twenties.
  • Kayla Cromer as Matilda, Nicholas’ autistic half-sister. Cromer herself is autistic, which she felt helped her land the part despite self-submitting without an agent.
  • Adam Faison as Alex, Nicholas’ new boyfriend.
  • Maeve Press as Genevieve, Nicholas’ 14-year-old half-sister who is depicted as angry.


Everything’s Gonna Be Okay: Trailer 

As of now, there is no trailer released by the makers. Stay tuned to our site for further details about the show.

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