Dwight in Shining Armor Season 4 What Are The Official Announcements?

Excited for Dwight in Shining Armor Season 4? If yes, here is everything you should know about the upcoming new fourth season for Dwight in the Shining Armor series! Here we will also cover topics like all of the official announcements and is Corona Pandemic affecting the show; Here is everything you should know.

About Dwight in Shining Armor Series

Dwight in Shining Armor is a popular “Family Fantasy Television Series”

The series follows about a character Dwight, a teen who falls into an underground chamber; where he lands on Gretta, who is the gothic princess and she has been magically sleeping for 1000 years.

Then, Dwight inadvertently kisses Gretta which eventually breaks off the magic done over her thus she wakes up after 1000 years because of his kiss.

This also awakes Gretta’s court villain who was behind the magic and made her sleep and took her kingdom! With that, Dwight becomes the protector of Gretta.

To know more! you just can watch the previous season for the series, for sure you will love it.

What Are The Official Announcements Made?

Many of the fans are been waiting for the release of this new and fourth season for Dwight in shining armor series; However, here we have got some new updates regarding the official announcements which have been made.

Is Season 4 happening?

As of now, it’s been officially announced that we will see the fourth season for the series to arrive on screens.

Who Are In The Cast?

In addition, it was also reported that the majority of the previous season cast members will be appearing for the new show as well.

Thus, our favourites like Morgan Siegel as Dwight, Caitlin Carmichael as Gretta, and Joel McCrary as Baldric will be returning.

A New Storyline?

Michael Dunn, the managing director for BYUTv said that:

“Its world of enchanted characters is rich with storytelling possibilities, and seasons three and four will delve even deeper into the magical mythology and family-friendly hijinks that are unique to the show.”

Thus, we can expect some new storylines to be included in the series.

Number of Episodes

Like previous all seasons, this time also the series is confirmed to come with 10 episodes where each episode will last up to 30 minutes.

Is Corona Pandemic Affecting The Dwight in Shining Armor Season 4 Show?

As of now, we don’t know whether the show will face delays or not! According to sources, the pre-production has already been done and now post-production works have been going on; So, most probably there won’t be any delays regarding the release.

However, it will be better to wait for an official confirmation regarding the show from the Show makers; Don’t worry! We will be updating you as soon as something gets official, Until that, stay tuned to our site, PopCultureTimes.com to get more updates in the future.

As of now, you can watch the trailer unveiled for the showdown below, make sure to watch it.