Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai What Are The Official Announcements? And Is Corona Pandemic Affecting The Show?

Hey! Everyone hope you all are doing well as we know square Enix  had come up with an announcement of brand new game fling which is completely inspired the Weekly Shonen soar manga Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, which ran from 1989 to 1996 and has since sold over 47 million copies, at leap Festa 2020. Additionally, Toei Animation announced a new anime based on the manga regular to first performance in decrease 2020.

Everything you need to know about the dragon quest : story so far

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai new game project and anime ...

Talking about this anime The Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai game is residential by settle Enix and amazing work of creation behind this series is done  by Ryutaro Ichimura. We still don’t know about the Platforms but  Daigo dropped some hint about it in a interview  when he was asked if it will be available as an app on which the Dragon Quest run author and game designer Yuji Horii responded, could we tell you about it  are we permitted to tell hardware?”and then Ichimura come in between and said, “Once you expression hardware and such, it’s in essence particular away… Whether it’s an app or could you repeat that? hardware it’s on thoroughly shouldn’t be brought up.”

Expected Cast : whom me are going to see? 

We are expecting the following cast members to appear in this dragon quest well we have long list of name from authentic site which includes Toshiko Fujita as Dai, Yumi Toma as Gome, AimiIsamu Tanonaka as Brass, Aya Hisakawa as Leona, Hideyuki Tanaka as Avan, Kill-Vearn, Keiichi Nanba as Pop, Myst-Vearn, Takeshi Aono as Hadlar, Masopho, Hikaru Midorikawa as Derolin, Apollo, Aruno Tahara as Baduck,Unsho Ishizuka as Baran, Yoku Shioya as Baron, Masato Hirano as Bartos

That’s all we have with us about the dragon quest for more such updates stay connected to us .

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