Camelot Unchained Release Date & What About Gameplay?

We have good news for all massive gamers out there! As per sources, aka leaks, it’s found that soon we might get to see a new fantasy multiplayer online game, namely, Camelot Unchained! Here are complete details on release date and gameplay for Camelot Unchained. Make sure to checkout to know more.

Talking about the game, the game will be distributed by City State Entertainment, which also included partial funding of public benefit corporations like Kickstarter. It seems like the game has no shortage of funds. We wonder if that means that the game will have some really awesome graphics!

Also, it’s been said that the game was produced by Mark Jacobs, who was also the designer for the Dark Age of Camelot game, which was a massive hit in the gaming industry back in days.

Release Date

The game was going through its production since 2013; the first beta for the game was announced for 2015! But with a considerable delay, it came in 2018; however, after the initial beta release, there are no such confirmations made on the release date for Camelot Unchained.

Also, it’s confirmed that City State Entertainment is working on a second game for their, Colossus which is expected to get launched by the end of this year.

Colossus is said to use the Camelot Unchained server engine even though, and it’s a separate game.

In an interview with Mark Jacobs, he said that they have been working on the second game by which the works for Camelot Unchained have slowed down. Seems like the gamer fans will have to wait a little more till they can play!

However, it will be better to wait for official announcements, and yes, we will be letting you know first as soon as it happens! Until then, stay tuned to our site to get more updates in the future.

What About Gameplay?

Camelot Unchained game will be a successor game to previously released Dark Age of Camelot.

As far as gameplay for Camelot Unchained concerned, the game could feature a Player versus Player design, which Jacobs called it “Tri-Realm.” The game could feature other modes as well but we have no confirmation of that yet.

Also, the game is rumoured to take elements from Arthurian legendNorse mythology, and Irish mythology with some new features which will be added by the developers itself.

All in all, the game sounds like it is going to be really fun to play and we’re looking forward to playing it!