Avenue 5 Season 2 And Is Armando Iannucci Leaving?

Avenue 5 is a science fiction comedy television series that premiered on HBO on January 19, 2020. Armando Iannucci created the series for HBO.

The series released with a blockbuster first season, with the season concluding in March 2020. Fans are excited about the second season.

In February 2020, HBO renewed the series for a second season.
You can watch the show on HBO Go.

Avenue 5 Season 2 Release Date

No official announcement has been made regarding the release date of the second season. Since the show’s last episode aired in March 2020, it is too soon to say anything about the release date. Viewers should expect the second season to release in 2021.
The second season was confirmed in February 2020, and the show is now in pre-production.
We can expect the show in late 2020, or hopefully sometime in 2021.

Avenue 5 Season 2 Cast

Since it will be the continuation of the first season, most of the actors from the original cast will be back to reprise their role in the second season. The cast includes

  • Hugh Laurie as Ryan Clark
  • Josh Gad as Herman Judd.
  • Zach Woods as Matt Spencer
  • Rebecca Front as Karen Kelly
  • Suzy Nakamura as Iris Kimura
  • Lenora Crichlow as Billie McEvoy
  • Nikki Amuka-Bird as Rav Mulcair
  • Ethan Phillips as Spike Martin

Avenue 5 Season 2 Plot

The second season is expected to pick up from where the first season left.

Avenue 5 is set around 40 years in the future and travelling around the solar system is not as exhilarating or as tough as it was once considered.

Captain Clark is in charge of all those in the spaceship and faces difficulties along the way on his journey around Jupiter.

No plot details have been revealed by the creators or the actors of the show.
Viewers have to wait for the trailer to know more about the plot of the second season.

Is Armando Iannucci staying?

In a statement, executive vice president of HBO programming Amy Gravitt said: “We’ve loved every minute of Avenue 5‘s inaugural journey. Armando Iannucci and his team are legends of smart and elite comedy, and the exemplary cast, brilliantly captained by Hugh Laurie, is second to none. We can’t wait to see what’s in the bag for our amazing heroes in season two.”

That means the creator, Armando Iannucci is going to stay for the upcoming seasons of the show.

She also added that “It’s thrilling to discover that this (the Avenue 5) isn’t finite at all. I’m very enthused to continue working on this journey with Armando and HBO, and also the excellently amazing group of actors and writers who make me laugh every day. Cheers to the future!”