Assault Lily Bouquet What Are The Expected Release Date? And What You Should Know About The Show?


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Japanese anime are a favourite amongst many country’s people. Because the majority of the audience will be teenagers. So the majority of the animes are a hit. So we expect Assault Lily Bouquet to join the team of hits. Adapted from the novel, it’s undoubtedly going to melt people’s hearts. The project is a launch from the Shaft studios.

What is the launch date of anime?

Girls Gear Up For Battle in Assault Lily BOUQUET TV Anime Teaser ...

The media published two novels under the franchise. In the year 2015, they published the first novel, Assault Lily: Ichiryūtai, Shutsugeki Shimas. After two years, in 2017 they published the second book, Assault Lily Arms. So the anime series is going to be adapted from these novels and is scheduled for launch in October 2020. Initially, the launch was scheduled in July 2020. But due to Covid 19, they had to postpone the date. So let us wait to get some official news too.

What are the characters of the anime?

The following re the magical characters of the anime:

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Hikaru Akao voices Riri Hitotsuyanag

Yuyu Shirai Voiced by Yūko Natsuyoshi

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Mikako Izawa voices Kaede Johan Nouvelle

Rimi Nishimoto voices for Fumi Futagawa

Risa Tsumugi has voiced for Tazusa Andō

Thi Mai Yoshimura Voiced by Haruki Iwata

Kuo Shumlin

Wang Yujia

Milam Hildegard von Globus

Shiori Rokkaku

What is the plot of the anime?

The story is all about the future. It shows what happens after the destruction of humanity. The giant creatures called ‘HUGE’. We need some weapon to overcome the negative powers right! So the whole world joins together to create the weapon called ‘CHARM’. Its a combo of science and fantasy. A good combo, right! Girls will mostly use Charm. What about the Lily Bouquet! The girls who use Charm are called as Lilies. Hence the name. They establish a military academy called ‘Garden’. So the story will be based on two things: will the lilies overcome Huge? Also, it shows the struggles of girls and their willingness to join the Garden to become lilies.

So let us watch with full joy. Also, there is going to be a smartphone game sooner based on this anime. So let us wait for it too.

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