Ant-Man 3 Release Date And What Is Storyline?

Source: Digital Spy

Post-Endgame, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now focusing on their new project Ant-Man 3 which is one of the most awaited movies of Marvel. So here we have everything you need to know about it.

Ant-Man 3 Release Date: When is it releasing?

Till now there is no official release date for Ant-Man 3. Michael Douglas said in an interview that the filming for the movie is going to start in January 2021. So according to this, we can expect that the movie will be released in 2022.

Disney has currently 29th of July 2022 stocked for the release of an untitled film. You never know if they are planning to release Ant-Man 3 sometime before or after that.

Ant-Man 3 Cast: Who all are going to be back this time?

Paul Rudd is expected to be returning in the title role of Ant-Man along with Evangeline Lilly as his crimefighter partner The Wasp.

Director Peyton Reed who also directed the first two parts of Ant-Man will be back for directing trilogy as well.

We can guess on the return of Michael Douglas and Michael Peña for their respective roles of mentor Hank Pym and hapless sidekick Luis. However, Michale Peña recently said in an interview that he hadn’t been asked about the third instalment yet, but it would be an excellent idea for him to do it.

Also, the movie is going to be written by “Rick and Morty” writer Jeff Loveness, giving it the next level, sci-fi turn and dank humour, the young and new audience craves.

Ant-Man 3 Plot: What is the trilogy going to be all about?

Well, as a part of traditional Marvel fashion, the plot for Ant-Man 3 has been kept a secret. But there are some potential guesses we can make about the storyline of Ant-Man 3.

In the last part, we saw Ant-Man and The Wasp together as they were working to save the universe together in the final battle of Endgame. Next, we can expect this movie to pick up with an even stronger relationship between them.

As the movie is a phase 5 movie, we would see some completely new plotlines never seen before. Maybe a death or a new character or whatnot. Marvel has always been experimenting and giving the audience more than it can grasp. Let’s see if ant-man time travelled to the future and saw what his fan wants from him and successfully manages to make their wishes come true.