SSSS. Gridman Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot And When Can We See It On TV Screen?

SSSS Gridman is a Japanese Mecha anime that was very popular during the 90s. The series is based on a character named Gridman the Hyper Agent. Studio trigger announced that it was going to make an anime adaptation in the Anime expo 2017. Later the first season made its way to fans in October 2018.

Is the anime confirmed for a second season?

After the premiere of the first season with 12 episodes, the anime had excellent reviews from fans of the Mecha genre animes. Even so, the show has not been renewed for a second season by Studio Trigger.

With no reasons like budget issues or problems with the returns, the reason as to why the show still hasn’t got a thumbs up for season 2 is unclear. It might just be added to the list of other popular animes that do not get renewed for years together.

What is the plot of season 2?

The plot of season one is based on a High school student named Yuuta, an amnesiac. With the loss of his memories, he does not remember who he is or where he is from. He comes into contact with a mysterious robot behind a computer screen.

The imaginary city he lives in is surrounded by a mysterious fog and monsters start appearing. Based on the mission from the Robot Gridman, Yuuta battles these monsters.

He also forms the Gridman alliance with his classmates to help tackle these monsters that keep appearing. Season 2 might continue to explore the origin of these monsters.

Who are the main characters in the show?

The main characters of the show include the members of the Gridman Alliance that fight against the monsters. The team comprises Yuuta Hibiki, Rikka Takarada, Shou Utsumi, and Grid the robot behind the screen. The second season might have some new characters as the team digs through the origin of the monsters.

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