Minecraft Every New Update About It’s Releasing And Why Excitments Are High For The Movie?

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The tremendously popular video game, Mojang Studios’ Minecraft is finally making its TV debut with an upcoming movie adaptation, with the title, Minecraft: The Movie. 

This film will have Peter Sollett as director with Allison Schroeder as the screenplay writer. Of course, this is not the first time for popular games to be made into films, what with the Angry Birds movie also releasing in recent times. These movies usually tend to perform rather decently even though the majority of its audience may not necessarily play its video game counterpart.

So what can we expect from this upcoming film? Let’s read on to find out everything we’ve managed to gather about it!

Minecraft: The Movie Release Date

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Right now, the movie is scheduled to release on March 4, 2022. Earlier it was set for a May 24, 2019 release date.

The movie is not without its fair share of production challenges. As productions were going on, 2018 saw the unfortunate demise of film’s producer Jill Messick as he committed suicide.

Then in August 2018, former director Rob McElhenney and Jason Fuch (Writer) left the project and was replaced by Adam and Aaron Nee, only for them to again be replaced by current director Peter Sollett in January 2019.

What is the Plot for Minecraft: The Movie? 

The story will follow a teenage girl as she attempts to save the world from an evil Ender Dragon who wants to destroy the wonderful, blocky Overworld.

In the game, an Ender Dragon is a final boss dragon, and killing it will open an exit portal and get the player back to the spawning point.

Who Will Be In The Cast? 

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Very limited information has been released regarding casting information. It was rumored back in 2016 that Steve Carell was joining the project but he soon left due to conflicting schedules.

Other than that, no news has been reported so far, which is quite a shame, as the film has been in talks for around six years now. But stay tuned and we will bring you the latest updates!

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