Crimson Desert What Is Release Date, Gameplay & Everything

There are lots of fans of Black Desert Online, and it has created a huge fan following with its characters, gameplay and its fan base is at a different level. As Pearl Abyss announced that they are going to launch a new game, “Crimson Desert,” so Black Desert Online’s fan started making speculations that this game will be prequel or sequel to that game.

So, is Crimson Desert a sequel or prequel of Black Desert Online?

Crimson Desert is going to be a whole new game it will have a few connections with Black Desert Online, but the characters will be different and the story will also be different. In simple words, Crimson Desert will be a new game.

Well, here’s everything you need to know about Crimson Desert and its other possibilities to happen.

When Is Crimson Desert Set For Release?

Crimson Desert is a new game to release by Pearl Abyss, and it is in development. Gamers can get excited as the release date of Crimson Desert is announced, and this game can come in markets in 2021. Finally, Wait is over for action-adventure game lovers.

What New About The Gameplay Of Crimson Desert?

The game Crimson Desert was earlier decided to be as a prequel of the Black Desert Online, but later Pearl Abyss agreed to do a massive change in its plan. And now, the game is expected to come up as a new game with a little bit of its connection with Black Desert Online. Yet, Crimson Desert will have new characters and a new storyline. There will be graphics, visuals, and everything of excellent quality.

Unlike the Black Desert Online, Crimson Desert is a single-player game to arrive. It will bring a different storyline for each of the characters, personalized settings for the characters, and so on. However, an announcement soon is possible for the game’s details after the pandemic outbreak gets under control.

So, gamers will get a whole new game, new storyline, new characters, and unique experience. It can be disappointing that you can not play this game in multiplayer mode. You can make campaign progress in this game.

Will Crimson Desert Come For PC Too?

The Pearl Abyss game Crimson Desert is expected to be arriving for both PlayStation and PC too. However, Pearl Abyss is taking enough time to develop Crimson Desert for all possible consoles, and as such, it hasn’t announced any specific release date for the game.