Coyote Season 1 What Is Release Date? And More

Paramount Network is coming up with its new project, which is going to be a US-Mexico border drama of a border patrol agent. The series will include ten episodes of one hour each.

The show is produced by Michelle MacLaren, who was also the producer of epic success Games of Thrones and Breaking Bad.

The show is written by David Graziano (American Gods), Michael Carnes and Josh Gilbert (Mr Woodcock).

Coyote Season 1 Release Date: when is it releasing?

The US- Mexico Border Drama is scheduled to release in late 2020, so just wait for this to happen and keep your excitement on its peak for the show.

Coyote Season 1 Cast: who are all going to be starred in the show?

The cast of Coyote includes Mark Feuerstein, who is going to play the role of Frank Kerr, a successful psychologist. Kell Williams will be playing the role of Jill Kerr, who is Ben’s ex-wife and mother of 23 years old Kate.

Daniel Mora will appear as Mazo Zamora, who is the older brother of a Cartel boss, then we have Emy Mena, who is going to play the role of Maria Elena Flores, who is pregnant teenager lady.

Coyote Season 1 Plot: what is going to happen in this series?

Coyote is a story of a thirty-two-year-old man Ben Clemens as a border patrol agent, and he is forced to work for the people he spent his entire career on keeping out of America. Now uncovered to life on the other side of the wall, Ben will start to question his different shades of views of the world, challenging his philosophy and his patriotism.

“David Graziano, our whole creative team, and I are excited to make a show with Paramount Network and Sony that will dramatize a conversation between Mexico and America,” said MacLaren. “I have wanted to work with Michael Chiklis for a long time and am thrilled he is playing such a complex character whose journey will expose multiple points of view on this relevant and complicated issue.”

Is Trailer out?

Yes, Trailer is out, and it has revealed some plot of the show. As we can see in the Trailer that Ben Clemens, who is a border patrol agent, was good at his work, but he got retirement as the time come.

But actions never left him alone, because he was forced to work for some people and they are bad. His daughter and ex-wife were in danger, and to remove that danger, Ben has to work for those unfortunate people.