Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1 Release Date And More

Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1

Cowboy Bebop is an upcoming Netflix Original live-action series that is based on the Japanese manga of the same name by Hajime Yatate. As it was announced in 2017, but due to some accidents, it delayed further. First, the lead actor Joh Cho had a severe knee injury, and then Covid-19 played an essential role in postponing the show.

Netflix has been planning to introduce some new series to their platforms! One of them is the Cowboy Bebop Live-Action series!

Suppose you excited to know more about the series! Then, make sure to check out our article to know more about the release date, cast, plot, trailer, and more.

When’s Release Date For Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1?

Live-Action Cowboy Bebop was scheduled to release in spring or summer of 2020, but due to John Cho’s injury set the production back for 7-8 months, and ongoing coronavirus pandemic is playing a vital role in delaying the release date.

Right now, we don’t have any official release date for the show, but we can say that fans may enjoy the show in 2021.

Who All Will Be In The Cast Of Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1?

John Cho will be playing the lead role of the show, and he will appear as Spike Spiegel. Spike was a member of the criminal Red Dragon Syndicate, but soon he fell in love with Julia, and then he left that syndicate.

John Cho got fame from his role in Harold & Kumar, where he made his fans laugh, and now he will be seen in an action avatar.

Alex Hassell will be playing the role of Vicious, and then we have Danielle Pineda, who is going to play the role of Faye Valentine. Mustafa Shakir will be seen as Jet Black.

What’s The Possible Storyline For Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1?

The plot details for Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1 will showcase rocky planets and moons in the solar system, which is fully habituated by humans.

But, here, only the earth becomes unhabituated due to the accident with the hyperspace! The Inter solar system police legalize the bounty hunters to suppress the rising crimes.

These Bounty hunters are called Cowboys.

When Will Teaser Release For Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1?

Currently, there is no such trailer unveiled for Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1 yet! We will make sure to let you know as soon as the trailer drop in for the series.