Upload Season 2 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

The Story

The science fiction story of Upload follows a man who has been given the golden opportunity to choose his afterlife after his unexpected and wrongful death. The show is set in the future and features a plethora of technology we always imagine we will have twenty years in the future (where are our flying cars?!). We are speaking about flying cars. The show’s got self-driving ones. Does that count? Close enough. 3-D food printers? Got it. We can go on, but we imagine you’d want to rush online and get a good look for yourselves!

The satire show debuted on streaming website Amazon Prime Video on the first of May of this year.

Second Upload

As mentioned above, its been just over two months since the show aired in May of this year, the cursed 2020. It’s taken the world by a storm, though. And why wouldn’t it? It’s new, it’s fresh, and we declare that it’s a must-watch. Plus, writer and producer Greg Daniels is responsible for the show. You might recognise him as the person to be credited for only the most iconic and hilarious comedy shows in history: The Office and Parks And Recreation. Yep. You read that right. Now that any doubts you may have had about how great the show is have been cleared up let’s move on to the second season of upload!

Yes, yes. We know it’s quick. We can’t help it, though. Luckily for us, the show has officially been renewed for season two! Surprising? Not at all. Exciting, thrilling, totally worth OMGing over? YES.

The show’s apparent quick renewal can be credited to its massive and ever-growing success. Unfortunately, though, as we know all too well, nothing can come in the way of the coronavirus pandemic uprooting our onscreen lives. Production, and indefinitely filming, for upload, have been forced to a halt as with all other creations.

Who’s Coming?

The definite cast line for the second season includes Robbie Amell as Nathan BrownAndy Allo as Nora AntonyZainab Johnson as AleeshaKevin Bigley as LukeAllegra Edwards as Ingrid KannermanOwen Daniels as A.I. Guy and Andrea Rosen as Lucy.

Although we don’t know how much longer the coronavirus is going to lurk over us, the news of the renewal of Upload helps us hang on! While we wait, join us in binge-watching the first season of Upload again!

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