The Vampire Diaries Season 9 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

The Vampire Diaries Season 9

Vampire Fever 

The beloved vampire fantasy show ran eight seasons long, got a spin-off for Klaus’ clan (The Originals), got another spin-off (Legacies), and was then announced to wrap up. But of course, fans of the gorgeous Salvatore brothers wouldn’t have that.

The show follows Elena, a teenager who just lost her adoptive parents, and her struggles with high school, her witch friend, her werewolf friend, her cursed brother and history teacher, and her vampire boyfriend Stefan; and her next boyfriend- vampire brother Damon. Yep, it’s a lot for one show to have to go on. Seems like it may be confusing – but it’s just plain addictive.

What are the chances?

The show was canceled and had aired its 8th and final season three years in 2017. Moreover, the show’s creator Julie Plec revealed that she believed that the show had run its course and come to a natural end.

Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena- the character that the show has mainly revolved around, quit the show in season six, appearing for one final episode in the finale. It seems unlikely that she would take on her role in the show again.

Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon (another main character), has also stressed several times in the past two years that he is past the Vampire Diaries phase of his life and wishes to move on to other projects.

Any rumors regarding the revival of the show haven’t been addressed- neither accepted nor denied. There hasn’t been any official announcements or even hints of a new season. Rumors fly wild, but we’re afraid they might be just that- rumors. We would LOVE another season of the show- or five. But no one from the cast and crew has shown any enthusiasm for the same.

Perhaps it’s the pandemic holding the announcements back; perhaps there just won’t be another season. We should have a clearer idea of the same towards the end of the year- because rumor has it that if there is to be a ninth season, it will air on The CW in 2021.