The Tiger’s Apprentice Release Date & What Is Storyline?

Off The Book Shelf

Paramount Moves Release of 'The Tiger's Apprentice' – Books 2 Screen

The Tiger’s Apprentice is a fantasy novel by Laurence Yep. Published in 2003 as the first book of its trilogy, the book’s story inserts ancient Chinese mythology into modern life in San Francisco. The story follows Tom as he becomes the magical apprentice of the tiger Mr. Hu.

On Screens

The story we’re going to be getting on our screens centers around Tom, a seemingly regular boy, who gets drawn into a whole new world entirely against his wishes. All are crediting to eccentric grandmother (who he lives within San Francisco’s Chinatown), turning out to be the guardian of the phoenix egg.

When his grandmother sadly perishes in battle and is spirited away in a ghost cart, Tom must apprentice with an unexpected mentor – a tiger, by the name Mr. Hu, from whom he must learn ancient magic and become the egg’s new protector. They join forces with an unusual array of exotic creatures. Each representing a different sign of the Chinese zodiac, who can morph into human form while retaining their innate animal characteristics.

What Else Do We Know?

As of now, there isn’t much information available to us about the movie. We do know that it is set for an early February release in the year 2022. Supposedly sometime around the eleventh of the month. It seems possible, despite the coronavirus pandemic that has taken over the globe. We’re keeping our hopes soaring high, so stick with us!

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