The Order Season 3: Release Date And What Is In The Storyline?

The show follows the intriguing journey of a student of the famed Belgrave University. He has to navigate his way to the world of magic and finds himself getting torn between a mystical secret society and a bunch of good-natured werewolves. The long-awaited season 3 of this show may be hitting screens and here’s all that we know about it yet!

Release Date

To the dismay of fans, season 3 of The Order hasn’t been shown the green light yet. It may not be too surprising to fathom considering how season 2 has barely hit the screens yet. Season 2 has just arrived on June 19. And, fingers crossed, season 3 will finally hit the screens by middle or late 2021.

What’s Season 3 Going To Be About?

Vera has been powerless till now, but she’d probably regain her magical abilities in season 3. And if Alyssa does come back from the dead, she’d probably pay Gabrielle, her murderer, a little visit. There’s nothing much to do but wait for all of these theories to come to fruition until season 3 arrives!