The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date And What Is Storyline?

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It was another incredible season of Dragon Prince on Netflix, and after another climactic finale, fans will wonder when we can expect more.

Given the recent controversy surrounding the working environment for women in Wonderstorm entertainment, there is a potential risk that the dragon prince will not return in season four.

Dragon Prince is an original Netflix cartoon series created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond for Netflix. Not surprisingly, the Dragon Prince, along with Avatar’s former editor-in-chief, has become former Airbender Aaron Ehasz.

With a video game that is also under development, Dragon Prince has quickly grown into one of Netflix’s most successful animation franchises.

Dragon Prince Netflix renewal status

Months later, we haven’t officially heard whether the series will return or not. However, there are positive signs that this is becoming a reality. With every season, The Dragon Prince’s popularity continues to explode. Critics also hailed the series as one of the best fantasy television shows.

Apart from the usual costs, the only reason the series cannot be renewed will be the allegations against Aaron Ehasz, the series producer. Aaron Ehasz, the creator of Dragon Prince, is reported to create a harassing environment for women.

There is no substantial evidence to prove this allegation, but it is highly capable of affecting the renewal of the show. Amidst all this, the show’s crew is all set to answer fan questions on 24th July 2020 in a virtual Comic-Con session.

What can you expect from season four?

The Dragon Prince Season 4

Everything was preparing for a happy ending when Zym’s mother woke up, and friendship between humans and elves was revived. Viruses may have died after falling to the top of the mountain with Rayla, but their daughter Claudia brought them back to life two days later. Claudia was concerned about Aaravos’ fate and showed the vast cocoon on the wall of the cave.

We hope to see him in a climate fight against viruses or Claudia, magic against magic, and it should be epic. Ezran will be his king, and with his friends, he will be distinguished at his side.