TV Shows Strike The Blood Season 4 Release Date And What Is Storyline?

Strike The Blood Season 4 Release Date And What Is Storyline?


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Strike The Blood is a top-rated Japanese anime television series. The show takes its inspiration from the Japanese novel series of the same name, which is created by Gakuto Mikumo.

The show follows the adventures of Kojou Akatsuki. Who is a teenage vampire boy in high school? Who at first is unwilling to showcase his powers to the world.

But certain circumstances force him to use his powers. Along the side, the show also showcases us the journey of Yukina Himeragi. Who is a teenage Sword Shaman and is sent on a mission to finish off Kojou Akatsuki.

The first season of the show was first time premiered in November 2015. After three successful seasons. The makers finally released the fourth season in April 2020.

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The following is the list of all the characters. Who kept us entertained throughout these four years and three seasons.

  • Kojou Akatsuki
  • Yukina Himeragi
  • Asami Seto as Asagi Aisa
  • Sayaka Kirasaka
  • Natsuki Minamiya
  • Nagisa Akatsuki

Release Date

, Strike The Blood Season 4 Release Date And What Is Storyline?


The Season 4 of the show was released on 8th April 2020. The show is said to have a total of 12 episodes, and it will be running throughout the next year as well.

The last episode of Season 4 that is the twelfth episode will be aired on 30th June 2021.

What Is the Storyline?

Season 4 will be in continuation with the previous season. In Season 3 we saw that Kojou gets an invitation to attend a ceremony at Sardina. By the princess of Sardina herself.

So to keep the honour of the princess, Kojou accepts the invitation and goes to Sardina. After reaching there, when the ceremony was in procession the palace is attacked by the mysterious creatures.

So in the upcoming season, we can see Kojou helping out the princess of Sadrina. To find who was behind this attack. And what was their purpose?

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