Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins Release Date And What Is Storyline?

It’s enough, and we are full of all we have seen in the first two parts of GI Joe. Yet again, the makers are back with the third part of this trilogy. It’s not a sequel for sure but something different. Let’s find it out.

The first film of this series was not up to the fan’s expectations. But the second part wiped off all the negativity and made this franchise a blockbuster. It’s all Dwayne Johnson who played the lion’s share in the success.

Black and blue comedy of the second part GI Joe Retaliation has impressed us all, and here we are waiting for the third party.

The third part of being precise Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins is not a sequel but kind of a prequel to fan-favorite character Snake Eyes. It was previously played by Ray Park, and the makers Paramount Pictures has rebooted the cast.

It’s all set for the movie as all the formalities have been done, and it’s on the verge of Release. Here are all the details of the film. Let’s dive in for them.


G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Movie Release Date, Cast and Details | Den of Geek

As of now, the film has wrapped up it’s filming and already have made announcements about the release date. The film is scheduled to release this October 23, 2020.

But this seems not to happen because the whole world is shut due to Novel COVID19. It’s a matter of time which decides the release of the movie wether to be postponed or held on to the same date.


There are some notable changes made in the casting. The lead role is played by Henry Golding, and we will have Andrew Koji as Storm Shadow. The other star casts include Iko Uwais as Hard Master, Samara Weaving as Scarlett.


There are many ways in which the plot might go. It may lead us to a highly detailed Origin story of Snake Eyes, or it might recreate the fun using the pre-established nests of the Character in the previous films. Either way, it’s going to rock.




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