Seven Worlds, One Planet Season 2 Release Date And Who Is In The Cast?

Seven Worlds, One Planet is a nature documentary television series. The show was first time premiered on 27th October 2019 on the BBC Natural History channel.

The show primarily consisted of seven-part. And each of the seven parts was filmed on several different continents.

Wherein the distinct and unique species of those particular contents were explored and talked about.

The show was filmed across 41 different countries. The overall timing the shooting of the show took was 1794 days. And there were a total of 1500 people working on this particular show.

Release Date

Although Season 1 of Seven Worlds, One Planet was a huge hit. But as of this date, the makers have not renewed the show for a second season.

And since the show is not renewed for a second season. So obviously we do not have the exact release date for the show.

The primary reason for such delays in renewal and announcement of the release date could be because of the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus.

Which led the entire world to go in a complete lockdown. Due to this, all filming was halted, and the releases were delayed to avoid the spread of the infection.

And since Seven Worlds, One Planet is kind of a travel show. Which requires regularly filming from one country to another with thousands of people involved in the process.

So there is no chance that the makers would anytime start the shooting for Season 2. Hence, I think it will be a long, long time until we get to watch Season 2 of the show. Probably it might come out in the year 2022 – 2023.

Who Is In Cast?

As of now, we have no idea what cast will be recruited in the show for Season 2. But we are guessing the makers will like to continue with the previous season’s casting in the times to come.

Since they were loved and appreciated by the fans worldwide, the cast of Seven World, One Planet consisted of Naturalist Sir David Attenborough as the host of the show. And actor Peter Drost as the Narrator.