TV Shows Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date And What Is...

Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date And What Is Storyline?


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Determination is what defines the success of a person. Whatever may be the difficulty, however, may by your position. It’s always determination that can make anyone sail to shores of success. Nothing can teach this better than how Animes and Mangas do.

Rising of the shield Hero can be named as one of the elite anime show that has plenty of inspiring content. This show is adapted from a light Novel Series or namely, Manga, written by Aneko Yugasi and produced by Kinema Citrus.

Rising of the shield shows story of one such highly deterministic person who’s trying to regain people’s faith, which he has lost under some dramatic situations.

After all the success the season 1 made, the makers have renewed the show for season 2 along with a surprise. Want to know what the surprise is? Then dive in.


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The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2: Launch Date, Episodes

The makers have already given away the announcements regarding renewal. However, there is no clarity about an exact release date.

In addition to this, the makers have renewed the show for season 3. It’s sure a double treat to fans. We might get some real updates regarding Season 1 and 2 once the grip of Corona Lessens.


The show follows the story of a shield bearer Naofumi. Naofumi is expected to be the world’s most excellent defender. But due to the betrayal of his allies, he loses the faith of people.

After that, it’s all up to him to regain people’s trust and prove himself worthy. The rest of the story follows his path of restoration of faith.


The season one ended with a couple of twists and turns. In the end, Naofumi learns the truth about Glass and L’arc that they are also heroes like him. This makes him questions himself about the fight that what, why are their other heroes?. We also saw other heroes taking the pledge to defeat Naofumi

Them he rebuilds Raphtalia’s village along with her, and this gives an end to season 1.


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