Hotel del Luna Season 2 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

A 2019 South Korean television series, Hotel del Luna is created by Dragon Studio and is directed by Oh Choong-hwan, with a screenplay by Hong Jung-Eun and Hong Mi-ran. It is a tvN drama and the first season had streamed from 13th of July to 1st of September, 2019.

With a splendid plotline and a brilliant set of cast, the series went ahead to become the most viewed tvN drama of 2019. Hotel del Luna is a dark fantasy, romantic comedy. Hotel del Luna is an eponymous hotel in Seoul and it offers its abode only to ghosts. Jang Man-wol has been cursed to run the hotel for a crime she had committed of which she cannot recall anything.

Hotel del Luna is coming for a second season and everything you wish to know about it is covered up in this article. Keep reading.

Hotel del Luna Season 2: Cast

In the second season of Hotel del Luna, Lee Ji-Eun will play Jang Man-wol, Kim Gyu-Ri will be seen as young Man-wol, Yeo Jin-goo will play Gu Chan-sunga, Kim Kang-hoon as young Chan-sung, Bae Hae-sun will play Choi Seo-hee, Shin Jung-Geun will play Kim Seon-bi and Pyo Ji-hoon will be seen as Ji Hyun-Joong among others.

Hotel del Luna Season 2: Release Date

Choong-Hwan’s Hotel del Luna has not been updated for a second season. The production company has not renewed this K-drama yet. If they do so, we will update you soon.

Hotel del Luna Season 2: Plot

In the finale of the first season of Hotel del Luna, Kim Soon Hyun makes a cameo in the new ghost hotel, possibly Hotel Blue Moon, as the owner. The future of this hotel might be followed in the new season if the series has not been wrapped up already. Stay tuned with Pop Culture Times for further details.