TV Shows Fuller House Season 6 Release Date And What Is Storyline?

Fuller House Season 6 Release Date And What Is Storyline?

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Fuller House is an American situation comedy, which is created by Jeff Franklin and release as a Netflix original series.

A house filled with people can be both a blessing and a curse. You are all warm and cosy during winters and warmer and sweaty during summers. Well, if you’re that kid from home alone, all the best! New York is waiting for you. However, one such happy yet frustrated family is Fuller family who has completed five whole years of togetherness.

Fuller House season 6: Release date

As per the reports, there is no season 6 yet to come. Fuller House is a sequel series to Full House. It has done complete justice in the end, and season 5 is the last part. There are no more seasons coming into the scene as far as we know.

Fuller House season 6: Cast

The main casts we’ll get to see throughout the series are:

  • Candace Cameron Bure as D.J. Tanner-Fuller, a widowed mother who has a full-time job as a veterinarian.
  • Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner, D.J.’s younger sister, who leaves her life in London to help D.J. raise her kids.
  • Andrea Barber as Kimmy Gibbler, D.J.’s best friend and owner of a party planning business, who moves in with D.J. and Stephanie to help them raise D.J.’s kids.
  • Michael Campion as Jackson Fuller, D.J.’s mischievous teenage son.
  • Elias Harger as Max Fuller, D.J.’s second son, who is a bit of neat freak like his grandfather.
  • Soni Nicole Bringas as Ramona Gibbler, Kimmy’s teenage daughter.
  • Dashiell & Fox Messitt as Tommy Fuller, Jr., D.J.’s infant son who is named after his late father.
  • Juan Pablo Di Pace as Fernando Hernandez-Guerrero-Fernandez-Guerrero, Kimmy’s ex-husband/fiancé and Ramona’s father.
  • Scott Weinger as Steve Hale, a podiatrist and D.J.’s high school sweetheart.
  • John Brotherton as Matt Harmon, co-worker and former boyfriend of D.J.’s.
  • Ashley Liao as Lola Wong, Ramona’s best friend and Jackson’s ex-girlfriend.
  • Adam Hagenbuch as Jimmy Gibbler, Kimmy’s younger brother and a freelance photographer, who is engaged to Stephanie and has a daughter with her.

Fuller House season 6: Plot Structure

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Fuller House, Fuller House Season 6 Release Date And What Is Storyline?

In Fuller, we have Stephanie Tanner who is recently widowed. She goes on to live at her father’s house and has three kids to look after. Joined by two mates and their children the house is now family with no particular surname.

Since it has already been said that there will be no season 6, we do not have to specify any discussed plot structure. It is the best time to catch up on the family drama series Fuller House and relieve the relations not related by blood but connected by love and care. 

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