Family Reunion Part 3 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

Family Reunion is a true entertainer with great sit-com and an all-black cast. The show is about the family who moves to Georgia from Seattle. It is a family sitcom that has gained great appreciation from fans. This Netflix show is created by Meg DeLoatch and directed by Eric Dean Seaton. Now the fans are excited about the new season and here are all the details on season 3.

Family Reunion Part 3: Release Date?

The first season released in 2019 and the second part came in January 2020. The makers have renewed the show and it is expected to come out in July 2020.

Family Reunion Part 3: Cast?


The cast of the show is star-studded with Tia Mowry as Cocoa McKellan and Loretta Devine as M’Dear. Also, Anthony Alabi stars as Moz McKellan and the Mckellan kids include Jade (Talia Jackson), Shaka (Isaiah Russell-Bailey), Mazzi (Cameron J. Wright), and Ami (Jordyn Raya James). All these are expected to come back for the third season. And there can be nee faces but nothing is revealed about that.

Family Reunion Part 3: Plot?

The show is about a multi-generational African American family who goes to the vacation when they leave their life in Seattle and enjoy the new place of Georgia. They do this as a part to be close to heir extended family. But they face many challenges here as they moved from West Coast and seeks comforts pf the countryside they have to cope up with three-hour church services and the hot, humid summers of the south.

Family Reunion Part 3: Trailer?

There is no trailer yet for the new show.