Crash Landing on You Season 2 Release Date & What’s Storyline?

Crash Landing On You is an exciting south Korean television series. Directed by Lee Jyong-hyo, this series had a very successful season 1. The series premiered on tvN and it also came out on Netflix. The first season had very good reviews and got a lot of good comments and ratings from all the fans. This series is the third high-rated in the South Korean cable television history. We will not see more about season 2 here.

When can we see the new season?

The information is that the series is not renewed by the producers yet. The previous season ended only in February 2020. After that, the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has put everything on a break. This might be the reason for the delay in the renewal announcement.

The fans and viewers are expecting the series to be renewed, considering the appreciation and the rating it has got. The production team will get back to us with more information very soon.

Who will be on it?

Crash Landing On You Season 2 Release Date And Who Is In Cast ...

The 4 main cast members will be back for the new season. This means that we will have Hyun Bin as Ri Jeong-hyeok, Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri, Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung-joon, and Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan. Other than this, we will also have Kyung-eup, Bang Eun-jin, Yoon Ji-min, Choi Dae-hoon, Lim Chul-soo, Jung Ae-ri, Yoo Su-bin, Jang Hye-jin and so on.

We can have a lot of other new faces and special appearances, considering the series to be a super hit. Since the series has not been renewed yet, we do not know anything about this.

What can we expect?

Yoon Se-ri and Ri Jeong-hyeok are the main characters in the series. We will be able to see them fight through problems and obstacles to be there for each other, in spite of the geographical distance.

This story is going to be a very well-tailored romantic drama and we will know more once the series is renewed. We might have a trailer and more posts soon. Let us wait and see what happens.